Dear Friends,

University Children’s Hospital of Cracow (UCH) is a direct successor of the first Polish pediatric ward (1835), pediatric department (1864), pediatric hospital (1876) and the third in the world - after Florence (1802) and Vienna (1850) - Chair of Pediatrics.

The original hospital building was constructed and equipped using funds donated by Americans of Polish extraction (1965); its extension and supplies of further equipment were financed by U.S. government grants (1974-96). American funds administered since 1974 by Project HOPE, were gradually diminishing to an amount allowing for carrying out a single program and were terminated in 2000. Nevertheless, during the golden era of the hospital’s collaboration with Project HOPE, millions of US dollars were spent on the construction of new wings housing laboratories, a chronic care facility and an outpatient department, on new equipment, exchange programs with visits of US consultants to Poland and fellowships of Polish physicians, nurses, lab personnel and the like in leading American pediatric health care institutions, organization of postgraduate courses that eventually brought to Cracow participants from all over the country and - last , but not least - subscription of pediatric periodicals. The hospital, known at the time under the Polish name of “Institute of Pediatrics” was referred to by everyone as “Polish-American Children’s Hospital” and officially adopted that name.

Changes in the Polish health care system introduced in 1999 resulted in the hospital being divided into two separate components: Polish-American Institute of Pediatrics, an element of Jagiellonian University Medical College, involved in pre and postgraduate teaching and research, and University Children’s Hospital of Cracow, an independent legal body, involved in patient treatment.

Nowadays, Our Hospital is a tertiary care referral center for the most severely ill patients from all over Poland. We manage children with the most advanced forms of various neoplastic diseases, burns, congenital defects, or neonates with extremely low birth weight. Our hospital offers services in all pediatric and surgical specialties. Our hospital is also a teaching base involved with research and education for students of medicine, pharmacy, medical analytics, public health, nursing and other medical specialties.

Unfortunately, despite our achievements that make us proud, we also have our share of problems. Some of the  facilities must promptly modernized. This is why we have initiated the project of Restoration of University Children’s Hospital in an attempt to raise funds necessary for implementation of the most important investment and renovation projects and purchase of medical equipment.

Thanks to donations and support received we have purchased lot of medical equipment. Several most pressing renovation works have also been accomplished. Yet We are first to admit that a lot of work is still ahead if we want to complete all repairs and renovations and furnish modern medical equipment for all the wards, thus reaching the level equal to that represented by other pediatric hospitals in Europe and the World.

Therefore, we are taking the liberty of asking for your support and assistance in restoration and modernization of University Children’s Hospital of Cracow – an important care centre for sick children from all over Poland. We will be very grateful for any donation.  

Sincerely yours, Maciej Kowalczyk, MD, Ph.D., Director of the Hospital

If You can help us please make a donation to:
Fundacja "O ZDROWIE DZIECKA", 30-663 Krakow, Wielicka 265 Street, Poland
IBAN: PL 05 1240 4533 1111 0000 5425 8556

More details: Fundraising Department,
265 Wielicka Street, 30-663 Krakow, Poland
Tel./Fax. +48 12 65
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